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سرویسهای قابل ارائه

We offer these services in Alphabet Translation Office:


To translate officially all documents of legal entities such as companies and institutes and departments, like Article of Association, Memorandum of Association, mercantile and marine transportation documents, Official Gazette, in between contracts, commercial, legal and mercantile contracts for companies and institutes and departments, financial balance sheets, tax documents and etc.
- To translate Officially all documents and persons documents such as Identity Card, Marriage document, Title deeds, academic papers, Transcript of grades, University degree, Job and Educational certificates, National card, Account statement, Military service completion card, Driving license and ...
- To get confirmation from the Judiciary and Foreign Ministry
- To translate nonofficially all texts including specialized, scientific, academic, legal, managerial, commercial, technical, contractual, different kind of brochures, catalogue, industrial texts and machinery instruction, academic courses, articles and projects and ...
- To translate all texts in English, French, German, Spanish, Russia, Arabic, and ...
- To translate different books in all fields and majors and to prepare for publishing
- Confirming to original of all issued documents in English language
- To present the letter of introduction to disciplinary Force in order to receive penal records
- To do all affairs connected with foreign Embassies in Tehran
- To translate simultaneously or orally including sending translator from Iran or to supply a translator in target country
- Online translation & translation of sites, movies and serials, CD, DVD and ...
- To translate texts in uncommon languages which dont have any official and informal translators in Iran
- Internet researches such as student, commercial, scientific, professional researches in different languages and in Persian language.
- To fill in Embassys forms in translation office or through internet or by delivery in place.
- To make internet appointment from Embassies to interview & to get visa, to deliver documents for getting visa and other related affairs and ...
- To translate all documents related to permanent residency in other countries along with necessary guides to translate the documents which the aforementioned countrys immigration office asks for and our collaborator official lawyers can help you in this case